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Been NAILing it since 2021

Hi I'm Melissa, but I'm also known as Michis! I am from Austin, TX but grew up in Hugoton, KS. In my free time, I love to spend it with my family and friends. My family are my biggest supporters and I'm very grateful for all of them! Traveling is another favorite thing of mine! I love going to different places and exploring the world! My favorite place to travel is Mexico. It's so freeing there and the culture is beautiful and the food is even better! Anyway that is enough about me, I can't wait to meet you!

I have been a cosmetologist for 1 year but specialize in nails. Being a nail tech is my passion! I love being creative, the more creative the nail design is the better! I also love being able to connect with my clients! Not only that but I love to make people feel better about themselves! So to the person reading this, you are beautiful!

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