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A shawdow root with bright blonde.

Hair Services


A new haircut gives you a dramatic new look or trim the ends to help keep your hair healthy. 


We work with y​ou one-on-one to understand your hair and features then use our expert techniques to create a personalized, custom look.

Bang Trim

Trim up your bangs to keep them fresh


Children & Men​

For children and short clipper cuts



Shampoo, Cut & Style


Women's  Long/Thick

Shampoo, Cut & Style



Curly Cut & Style

Shampoo, Cut & Style



Sometimes a different look or helping to manage your texture. We have different services to help you.


If you would like to add some wave or curl to you hair.


Keratin Treatment

Go for a sleeker look or help to tame your natural curls. 



Treating yourself to a shampoo and style or giving your hair a little extra TLC.

Blowo​ut & Style

A shampoo and style to give you a fresh salon style.


Hydrating Hair Mask

Give your hair a drink of moisture. It will help with dryness, frizz and shine.


Olaplex Treatment

Give your hair strength with this protein-building treatment.


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